Upcoming Zwift Launch

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Winter is coming and so is Zwift. The virtual cycling/trainer game Zwift has been in open and free Beta for about a year. In that time they've literally changed the indoor training game (pun intended). While using Zwift has been free the development team has made frequent sprint updates to the software and brought new courses online. The latest course is a virtual replica of the UCI worlds course in Richmond VA. 

We all knew this time would come, it looks like Zwift is about to make an official launch. While I'm sure this launch will include a whole host of cool updates to features and functionality to the Zwift game and platform, it should also introduce the pay for use pricing. There has been lots of discussion on their forums and in social media to how payments will be structured and at what price points. While they've made no official statement that I can find, we will know soon enough. With relatively inexpensive pricing from competitors like TrainerRoad it will be interesting to see where Zwift places itself and how the community reacts.