I've been meaning to write up an impressions blog about my new ride. Through the end of last season I worked with Blacksmith cycle here in Toronto to build up a new bike. Now that the season has begun and the roads have had a chance to clean and clear I've taken the Scapin Anouk out on the road. 

It wasn't far into the first ride when I was convinced of a few things. First, this thing likes to FLY! It rides far and way out of its price point. So many manufacturers claim they have struck a balance between stiffness and comfort.  Kilometers tick away at ease and speed. The intention of this build for riding characteristics was to sit somewhere between the overly plush ride of my Pinarello and the pissed off donkey stiffness of my Storck. So what's the answer? Scapin have done it.

This thing gobbles up PRs. The evidence is shown on Strava where any decent segment I've rolled through has set a new PR without even trying. I've bested times on climbs and flats consistently by 10-30 seconds in early season riding. It will only get better.

I'd describe the ride feel as flying. It is so buttery smooth but still has that firmly planted feeling. There is no numbness to the road that some carbon frames have, it's not dead but rather full of life and pep. 

The best part is there is so much season ahead and many thousands of kilometers to get to know each other.

Scapin Anouk