Stuff: WOOdman Components Cadenze Sensor

Not much ruins the stealth look of your dream bike like cables and ties all over the place. That's where the CadenZ 6 sensor from Woodman Components comes in. It's one of those really ingenious little ideas that you can't understand why someone hasn't thought of it before.  It's such a rad little detail I have to share it.

Rather than strapping a magnet to your non drive side crank via a zip tie or inside a rubber band (like the one Wahoo uses), Woodman has put a strong rare earth magnet in a small aluminum shell which fits into the end of the pedal axel. It is secured in place by twisting the magnet which expands a rubber gasket inside the pedal axel. Simple. Once it's installed it just about disappears and I'd be surprised if anyone but you knew it was there. 

The CadenZ 6 sensor comes in different diameters to fit different pedal types, it also comes in different depths to match your setup. The CadenZ 6 sensor weights 2grams which is nothing but is still 60% less than a stock magnet from Garmin or Wahoo (both 5 grams).

It works really well and I've had no trouble with the CadenZ 6, in fact I think it's more reliable than any stock magnet I've tried before. So if you're looking for something really cool to clean the lines of your bike, check out the CadenZ 6 Sensor from Woodman Components. They are available from Fairwheel Bikes in the US. If you have a local bike shop that carries these, put their name in the comments below.

Woodman Components Cadenze magnet
Woodman Components Cadenze magnet