life is a beautiful detail
life is a beautiful detail

Welcome to Life Is A Beautiful Detail.  

Who am I? My name is Jeremy Nathan. I'm a professional photographer, a cyclist, rock climber, father, and a complete self professed geek. I live my life by sweating the small stuff because I believe the details matter. 

Growing up, I was always that kid who took everything apart to see how it worked inside. So afraid my toys would get taken away, I made step by step notes to ensure I could put it all back together again... and never get caught. Thankfully this sense of curiosity and attention to detail has stayed with me. Even if my 'projects' drive everyone crazy.

This website is a positive outlet for my creativity, my photography, and my passion for technology design. My client and publications list includes Gripped Magazine, Canadian Running, Canadian Cycling, Urban Climber, Mountain Equipment Co-op, The Radavist, Cycle Exif, Road Bike Action, No 22 Bicycles, Verve, Five Ten, and more. 

The blogging began when I noted my own challenges as a consumer who was looking for quality and truth in information that helps me make informed purchases. The kind of information I want as a consumer wasn't available. So I started doing something about it.

My hope is that Life Is A Beautiful Detail will help others like me by providing in-depth information and about the products, projects, people, and places that make life a little bit more fun. Why? Because any decision made without knowledge is just a bet.


My current rides:

Mosaic RT-1: The Perfect Project, Cycle Exif

Cherubim Uli: LIABD Rides, Cycle Exif