Canadian Running: My Style w/Adam Cole

For the past 7 or 8 years I've had the tremendous opportunity to work with Gripped Publishing on an awesome list of photo projects. Most of my professional work is focused on landscapes, stock imagery, and sports. In particular, with Gripped it's been all about rock climbing. So when their new photo editor contacted me about doing some portrait work for their Canadian Running Magazine I was really intrigued. 

Long story short, we went through the usual process of project overview and sample reviews to scope out plan to ensure I deliver on their expectations. The current project required two complimentary images showcasing street style and sports wear.

The photo editor put me in contact with the athlete, Adam Cole, who would be the focus of the article. We arranged a shoot and spent an afternoon hanging out, talking about competitive running all while taking shots.

For the project I delivered a sample of 11 image selections to choose from. Below are the final images as they appear in the current November/December issue that is on newsstands now. Go get one!

Thanks to the folks at Gripped Publishing for always being so rad and having me be a part of their great work. 

Canadian Running: My Style w/Adam Cole, Streetwear

Canadian Running: My Style w/Adam Cole, Streetwear

Canadian Running:   My Style w/Adam Cole, Sportswear

Canadian Running: My Style w/Adam Cole, Sportswear