Stuff: Team Dream Bicycling Team - DayGlo
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In September 2015 I wrote a  review of the Team Dream Bicycling Team & Endo Custom kit. In that review I went through the design & construction, fit, and graphics available form Team Dream (TDBT) & Endo kits. Since that time Sean Talkington, the guy behind TDBT, has continued to put out new trend setting graphic treatments on Endo kits. All of them being wildly popular and proudly manufactured in the US. While the quality, materials and popularity of these kits hasn’t changed, there are some things that have changed in the most recent TDBT release. 

Fit: When the latest TDBT DayGlo FFF jersey arrived I wasn’t actually surprised. I’d heard from a few people Endo had been working on a new fit that addressed rider feedback. So what’s different? Well, in my initial review I called the jersey a “pseudo race fit”. What I meant is that it was looser than a traditional race fit but still slimmer than a club cut. With the new TDBT DayGlo jersey in hand it’s clear that the Endo jersey fit has in fact been trimmed down. Where is this most evident? In the shoulders and sleeves. In my previous review I noted that the sleeves were slim but could be slimmer. Well now they are. Overall the jersey is now closer to a what people expect in a race fit.  

For exact dimensions see the chart below.

Pattern: This race fit is not only the result of just cutting the pattern down. Yes overall it has been taken in, but the shape of the pattern has also changed. This is most evident in the bottom hem. On previous TDBT x Endo jerseys there was a straight bottom hem where now there is a raised front. This makes the fit more reminisce of a race jersey. By my measurements the length of the back remains the same and gives the jersey a drop back look.  

Pockets: The last of the big changes comes in the rear pockets. There are still 3 well sized rear pockets for stowing food and supplies but the style has changed. The two side pockets now have an angled entry. This does come at the cost of a bit of stowage space but makes them much easier to access while riding. A good trade off. 

Branding: Finally there is one small thing that’s changed. Stock branding was always kept to a minimum but now it’s even more so. Previously there had been a sewn on patch on the front of older jerseys and this is now gone. The small tab remains on the right rear pocket remains but is now cloth rather than rubber. 

Team Dream Bicycling Team and Endo Customs continue to put out some really incredible custom kits and the latest DayGlo release is no exception. Although I never had any issue with the previous fit, the newly updated jersey fit is a welcome change. It’s great to see that both sides of this collaboration are continuing their iteration and innovation. Definitely look forward to whatever they are working on next. 


For comparisons sake, I measured the current and former jerseys and charted them below. My intention is to help readers and buyers understand the new fit to hopefully be able to buy with confidence. All dimensions are measured flat. 

  • Sleeve Hem: Original 3.5cm vs 3cm Updated
  • Sleeve length (cuff to collar): Original 42cm vs 41cm Updated
  • Sleeve Width (at cuff): Original 15cm vs 14cm Updated
  • Sleeve Width (at armpit): Original 18cm vs 16cm Updated
  • Front length (hem to collar): Original 55cm vs 51.5cm Updated
  • Chest (at armpit):  Original 52cm vs 51cm Updated
  • Waist (at bottom hem): Original 38cm vs 37cm Updated

Team Dream Bicycling Team - DayGlo FFF Jersey - front view

Team Dream Bicycling Team - DayGlo FFF Jersey - rear view

Team Dream Bicycling Team - DayGlo FFF Jersey - construction details

Team Dream Bicycling Team - DayGlo FFF Jersey - silicone gripper and zipper pull

Team Dream Bicycling Team - DayGlo FFF Jersey - angled pockets and brand tab