Welcome: 7mesh

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I picked up a S2S mens short sleeve jersey from the newly launched brand 7mesh. Pretty excited to see these folks finally enter the market and check out their first release.   

Once I have a chance to put some good miles into the jersey I'll write up a full review.

First impressions are that their fit is derived from highly patterned construction. No surprise based on their roots in the industry (more on that in the full review). So, fit is not based solely on small sizing and stretch fabrics and to do this there are plenty of panels and darting built into the jersey. What does this mean? Well it's going to be feel different.

When first putting on the jersey, it feels to what I would call 'unfit'. The pattern is based on the riding position, not a standing position. Others have done this, the Assos bib fit comes to mind. However, the S2S is much more abrupt in it's application of this premise. So when you stand up straight the jersey pulls across the chest and in the armpits while feeling loose across the back. When you bend your back and move your arms forward those feels go away and it feels great. Expect that this will be great on the bike and maybe something to get used to at the cafe.

My other initial impression is that although the fit is based on pattern, how well it works for you is going to depend how you fit their model. For instance, if you have shoulders much broader than your waist (like me) then you're going to find the lower portion of the jersey a bit slack. Usually this isn't a problem when high stretch fabrics help with shaping. It tend to fit by shoulder and chest and the stretch does the sucking in. It may be a deal breaker when the pockets are loaded up. We'll see.