Life in a 100 year old home is a series of projects. The latest of which has been a full bathroom renovation. In the design of these small century homes there wasn't a lot of space saved for bathrooms and so you've got two choices. Either work with what you've got or take space from somewhere else. Since we need all the space we can for our family the latter was not an option for us. 

Renovating small spaces is a great time to practice the "less but better" mantra from designer Dieter Rams.  Our main bathroom simply doesn't have the luxurious space to accommodate the towels of 4 people. I looked to simplify the room by adding minimalist towel hooks rather than more towel bars. 

In our search for solutions we came across these minimalist and elegant solid wood teardrops called Dropit Hooks from Normann Copenhagen. They are a raw and natural wood to match our vanity (they also come in 4 painted colours.)

On the wall they are stunningly simple like floating raindrops. At about $50 a pair they aren't the cheapest design solution but they are worth every penny.  Here in Canada you can get them locally in Toronto at Bergo Designs or in Ottawa and online from The Modern Shop.