Details: Arc'Teryx Veilance Monitor Jacket

Details: Arc'Teryx Veilance Monitor Jacket

Sometimes it's just those little things that you hardly notice day to day but find they really come in handy. Example: Arc'teryx are amazing at what they do. Focused producing quality products, they rely heavily on patterning to create the ideal fit. How will you know? It fits better. 


In my closet I have both the Arc'Teryx Monitor jacket from their Veilance line as well as their Parsec Coat from the regular line that comes from their 24 collection. Although both are very similar jackets, the details separate them. I do plan to do a more detailed review and comparison between the regular and Veilance offerings.

You can now find that comparison by clicking here

One of my favourite and subtle details on the Veilance Monitor Jacket is the thumb cut. Rather than a straight hem on the sleeve cuff, the designers have patterned in a 'notch' right where your thumb falls in line. This small but incredibly useful detail does make a difference. The space created by the notch allows more unrestricted freedom for your hands without moving your sleeve or bunching. Seems insignificant right? Well look again. When doing more fine motor skill activities you'll one day realize 'hey that's smart'. The fact that it looks really cool is a bonus.

Oh and the glove? That's the Arc'Teryx Cam SV glove. I call it the "never leave home without it" accessory. For those so inclined, it does have a Veilance relative in the Facet glove which I plan to do a comparison between on the blog later.