Boa Closures Reel Pink

Pink. It's the hottest colour since.... pink.  The Giro D'Italia starts this week. It's the most beautiful road race in the world and my favourite and to celebrate I'm counting down the final days with a collection of my favourite pink details. 

First up we have the Reel Pink. Whether you're looking to match your favourite Rapha jersey, your pink wheels, or celebrate the Giro, don't overlook your feet. For a minimum donation of $10USD, you can get a pair of pink Boa Closure dials to replace your stock ones. They come in a variety of models to match whatever you've got.  They come with an installation tool and take about 30 seconds to swap in. 

While it was started in 2011 the web store is still up for the Boa Closure's Reel Pink. When I bought mine last year, they took about two weeks to arrive in Toronto. The sale and promotion of Reel Pink helps raise money and awareness for Women's Breast Cancer. So adding some pink also helps do some good. 

Go get some.