Stuff: Garmin Virb Action Camera

Two years ago Garmin announced and release their entry into the action camera market with the Virb and Virb Elite. The Virb being the entry level model and the Virb Elite being the top offering. Since then they've released a new model with some updated specs and a different form factor.

DC Rainmaker, the king of in-depth gear reviews has a great review of the technical specs here. Check it out.

While I was shopping for an action camera to add to my bikes, the Garmin Virb caught my attention based on the specs and price compared to the others available. what I couldn't find was some decent shots of what the Virb looked like on the bike. So here are a few of the cameras mounted on my Scapin with K-Edge Go Big mounts.

Overall it's definitely bigger than the other action cameras on the market. The longer shape can make it awkward to keep out of the way of seat posts and cables but it's likely more aerodynamic than the big box shape of a GoPro.  From my experience the video quality and battery life are better than expected. So far I've been really happy with the Virb but do wish I had spring for the Virb Elite to get the native GPS integration.