Stuff: Paul Smith + Morvelo

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I love good collaboration... especially when it's between to great brands. So when I heard the news that Paul Smith would be doing a collection featuring images from Morvelo I was really intrigued. 

Paul Smith has been my favourite menswear designer for decades. The fact that he shares a passion for cycling only makes it better because his collections include hints and inspirations from cycling. 

Morvelo is a cycling kit designer from the UK who produce top shelf quality kit year after year. Not only are the construction qualities top shelf but so is the focus on good graphic design. The Morvel kits receive accolades every year for their construction quality and as well as their great graphic designs. In the past they've done killer collabs with an impressive list including Death Spray Customs, The Ride Journal, club kits for Tokyo Fixed and more .

It goes without saying that since Paul Smith makes rad stuff, adding in some images of iconic cycling caps from Morvelo is a winning combination that's definitely worth checking out. Check out the new Paul Smith accessories collection with graphics inspired by Morvelo cycling caps here