Rides: Ocean Infinite Firefly Ti

First off, if you’re not already following Eric Bones and the Ocean Infinite feed, you should be. Not only is he putting out some of the classiest kit, he’s also got a healthy showing of all things #messlife. On a recent trip through Boston I had the opportunity to meet up with Eric again and photograph his jaw dropping custom built Ocean Infinite themed Firefly. This is thing is a Ti carbon monster but it’s really the application of Eric’s artistic interpretation that will have you head scratching.

A true extension of Eric’s Ocean Infinite brand aesthetic, his latest custom build pushes boundaries of what people think can be done with Ti frame design. Take a look through the gallery below and the build list for all the details.

Sidenote: Eric let me throw a leg over his prize ride and in the short dash I took, it was clear that everything you believe about Firefly is true. It had me hooked!

For the background on how this ride came together and a larger gallery of images I took of Eric's Ocean Infinite Firefly, check out the coverage on CycleExif here

Eric’s Ocean Infinite Firefly Build List