Just The Tip: Packing A Jersey

There's nothing more satisfying than a life hack. Today I want to share a quick little how-to about the right way to pack a jersey. This comes in handy if you don't have space to hang all your kit, or if you are getting ready to travel. Just think about it, no more jerseys coming unravelled in your bag, no more getting snagged on stuff, or getting all super wrinkly when are you're trying to do it get your adventure on. 

The right technique is very simple. In fact, anyone who has or remembers K-Way jackets will find this strangely familiar. This works so well with cycling jerseys because they are stretchy and have external pockets. Here's how you do it;

  1. Lay your jersey flat on it's way and fold the sleeves flat over the chest
  2. Using the size of the rear pockets as a guide, fold one side of the jersey over.
  3. Now fold the other side over (your jersey should be as wide as the middle rear pocket)
  4. Starting from the collar, roll your jersey all the way down to the bottom hem
  5. Reach under and pull the middle rear pocket over and around to stuff the jersey inside
  6. Flip the whole thing over and admire your handy work

That's it! Your jersey is now stuffed and ready to be tossed in your bag. You can also use this technique with jackets that have hoods. For those, start rolling from the bottom and when you get to the top, just roll it up in the hood. Check out the little video for some visual guidance.

Oh and which jersey is that? That's the Team Dream Bicycling Team FS (Forever Summer) jersey. A super lightweight jersey designed by TDBT and made by Endo Customs in Los Angeles. It's made from super dynamic MITI fabric with a micro mesh back which makes it my favourite choice for hot and humid weather. The cut is a super aggressive race fit so it goes on like a second skin. That really is the best way to describe how the FS jersey feels in the summer heat. It's about as close as your gonna get to riding around topless... without being topless. Trust me, nobody wants to see a man riding in just his bib.

If you've worn any of the previous Team Dream or Endo kit before, I suggest you size up at least one size or skip breakfast.