Rides: Ali's Cherubim R2

A few weeks ago I got a message from Blacksmith Cycle that a new bike had arrived and I needed get down to the shop right away. The details were light but the promises were heavy. Master blacksmith and shop owner Mike Yakubowicz would only say this would make all my dreams come true and it had a paint job that would blow my mind. More importantly this new ride needed to be photographed before it was gone. 

Walking into the shop there was no mistaking which bike he was referring to. Ali Soheil's new Cherubim R2 was shimmering in the sunlight. We spent an hour photographing and recording the details of this incredible Kirin to appear on cycling website Cycle Exif. 

Before you head over to Cycle Exif (clicking here) to check it out, here are a few outtakes to look at. This is one bike that truly needs to be seen in person to appreciate.